Monday, February 7, 2011

Wk 27 - What a drag!

Area: Campo Maior
Companion: Elder Braga

So this week was a little rough.... and it all started on tuesday.

Tuesday... district meeting, as usual, and is always very cool. Oh and by the way, the one of the sisters in the district knew elder mccurdy from lindon that his comp baptized her... just thought it was cool. So we had our meeting and went to lunch. At lunch i was feeling awful. My stomach was just killing and i was just dragged over from sunday night still. So i decided it would be good to go lay down for a little at home and then go work.i layed down and i had no energy. i just felt even more sick and ended up staying in the house most of the day because i was just feeling gross.

Wednesday i was still feeling bad when i got up and i had spend all night in the bathroom so i was just warn out and not feeling so good. So i didnt really eat lunch and stayed in the house a while longer... but i was sick of being inside so i had to go out. We went and did a visit and i was still feeling a little off so we went to a members house to use the bathroom. i decided to call sister dias and she said to just pass the hospital and see if they can help. so we went and i ended up getting this shot, the most painful shot i have ever had, and it was wierd. I almost passed out for a sec, then the power went out and so they put me in a wheel chair and let me lay down for a while, but like 30 sec later i was ok. so we left and just went home, it was like 9 o clock already, and i slept good.

Thursday we went to Teresina for interviews with the president. The interviews were good and i am pretty sure i had the shortest interview with pres out of everyone, which was nice. It took like 5 min. So we got a bus home and man it was hard. Me and Elder iverson, the tallest people there, sitting in these seats with no leg room, it started to get hot, and my stomach starts up again. We get home and me and Elder Almeida are not feeling good so we stayed in for a while to see if it would pass, but i ate a little food and it went right through me. It was a rough day, so our comps went out and taught a little and we stayed home... again! i wanted to leave so bad at this point.

Friday i had six months! as you can see, i was just sick again. It was the worst six months in the mission i ever had haha. I was in the house sick again, just with fever, upset stomach, and headache, and Almeida stayed with me again and our comps went out to work. so it was a super long day, but was an even longer night.

Saturday i was exhausted. I stayed up almost all nightin the bathroom. I woke up about 9 or more times just to go to the bathroom. So i was staying in the house again, but i hadto leave. So we went out and i passed by a scale... i lost 8 pounds this past week. I was about 171 and went down to 163. It is a lot harder to fend for yourself when you dont have your mom at your side helping you when your sick... but hey, its all part of the experience.

Sunday we went to church and it was fast sunday and was really good. We finally had some people in the church, some investigators so i was pretty excited. We ate an amazing lunch, lasagna, and i was feeling a lot better.... but my comp likes to kill time so we spent a lot of timein a members house so it was kind of a wasted day, which was dissappointing. I really like the kid, especially because he got me away from my last comp, but i just want a comp that wants to help me go out and work! gosh. but i was ever so thankful for my health.

And now I am feeling sooo much better. After this past week i will be so much more thankful for my health.. So dont worry! i already passed through it and am doing great. I am more determined to use my health to do good and am way more thankful for my health then i used to be.

So just so you know the chocolate you sent in the package did work great, i know you asked that last week. Suprisingly was hardly melted even and to be honest was way way less messy then the salt water taffy...
and i would like you to print grandpa drapers thing and send it. i didnt have time to read it!
Well i liked a thing in President Uchtdorf´s talk...

He said this about humility... We dont discoer humility by thinking less OF ourseles, We discover humility by thinking less ABOUT ourselves. I just thought it was really cool and i am loving personal study when i read things like this. I will be honest that one of my biggest fears before the mission was studying so much, but there is so much to study, and i thought it would be sooo boring, but when i get into it, it really is cool here in the mission!

Love you guys,
Elder Smoot

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