Monday, January 31, 2011

Wk - 26 Last week of another transfer? 6 months?.. crazy

Area: Campo Maior
Companion: Elder Braga

Wow this is the 4th time ive tried to email, so sorry it may be a
little cut or whatever, im starting to loose my patience with this
computer! haha Thanks for the pics mom! Man my bro is a stud.. and
Jenna lookin good, as always.

So tuesday was pretty wild. We got a call monday night telling us we
have an emergency Zone Conference today..... ya im not sure what that
means either. He pretty much talked about sin the whole time, so
obviously our mission has problems.. but it was cool. We got 3 new
rules and i saw Elder Stewart and stuff so it wasnt too bad. It was
pretty funny actually. Most people were like, ´great, 3 new rules to
break´ haha. Its kind of ridiculous but they were pretty funny rules.
So mom, if you already bought a CTR ring, go ahead and send it, but if
no, dont buy one. Ill explain later. So we got back to the house just
starving after training because they didnt give us lunch so we ate and
then went out to work.... or talk to our neighbor for 3 hours. haha my
comp likes to talk to her and really she is way cool and we did teach
her, but it was pretty ridiculous.

Wednesday i went running with elder Iverson in the morning. It was
pretty cool, and yes Elder iverson is from Bountiful. He is pretty
cool and is still confused a lot, but he is super goofy, i love having
him here. After the morning, it was a pretty normal day.

Thursday was pretty normal.. lots of walking, talkin with some less
actives that have some problems, which less actives is a huge problem
in Brasil. And we got home late, which was pretty annoying. My comp is
good and i love him, its just a little annoying when we dont always
follow the rules, but i am thankful for a pretty good comp. I read
tay´s blog and think about my first comp and other stuff and it could
definitely be worse here, so i love it still.

Friday We went to Ana´s house and she never seems interested when we
teach. But today she started praying and just started crying. That was
pretty cool. I love to see when they are actually doing what we ask
and you feel the spirit like that. I like this area too, because if we
pass by a members house, depending on the member, almost always, and
sometimes investigators too, will just give us a little snack, its
awesome. I am never hungry, so i better start running more cuz im not
liking it haha. But i eat a lot here.

Saturday There was a baptism so we went and invited lots of our
investigators then literally ran to the baptism because we were late,
and we ran for like a mile and a half. It was awkward running with
bags and in church clothes, but hey... im in the middle of nowhere it
feels like. So We had the baptism and that night i had a good talk
with Elder Almeida. He is a stud. He is a good all around guy and
works hard. I think my comp has some problems so i was advised to help
him a little. He doesnt really love the pres and what not so I gotta
help. Anyway he is a good guy.

Sunday we had church. And like other sundays, no investigators. It is
kind of frustrating because all of your baptisms get cancelled when
they dont show up, because they have to go twice... so its
disappointing... but what can ya do. Later that day i heard someone
blasting U2 and man it made my day. It was so good to here something
other than Forró! (its a type of music) Then it rained super hard and
we took cover in a little store...

so onto sunday night/monday morning.... At like 2 AM i was sleeping
and my comp taps me on the arm. He was sitting on the floor and was
saying he wasnt feeling good. He was throwing up and had horrible
diarrhea. I got up and he had no energy so i carried him over close to
the bathroom. I gave him a little food and he just threw it all up. I
woke up Elder Almeida and me and him gave my comp a blessing. After
the blessing they both said he needs to go to the hospital. so Almeida
and Iverson went to get a taxi. They showed up and my comp was so weak
that i had to get him dressed and carry him out to the car. We got to
the hospital and i carried him in and onto a bed. They came in and
gave him an IV to feel better. like 30 sec later I walked out in the
hall with Elder Iverson and he just collapsed! I helped him up and he
said ´Elder Smoot its happening again!´ So i helped him down to the
ground and he just passed out. it was soooo wierd! But i picked him
back up and onto a wheelchair and into the same room as Elder Braga
and he got an iv too. so the two of them were chillin there with IVs
and me and Almeida were like ´what is this!´ But it all turned out
good and Iverson and almeida left at like 4 am and walked a mile and a
half home. And i left at about 6 30 with Elder Braga and we had to
walk home too because there were no taxis there.... So it was an
eventful morning! When we got home, i realized i didnt grab keys on
the way out! So i had to ask the neighbor to jump the fence into our
backyard to wake up the other elders to get in. The rest of the day
weve been sleeping and what not. Im still pretty tired, but it was
pretty dang exciting! Everyone is good now and we are off and going.

Well sorry i dont have more time! Love you guys and have a great week!

Elder Smoot

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