Monday, January 17, 2011

Wk 24 - What is this.. like week 3?

Area: Campo Maior, Brazil
Companion: Elder Braga

Boa Tarde todo mundo! Como esta as coisas? Bom? Beleza.

Tuesday i started workin out with the jump rope. It was pretty sweet. I felt pretty stupid at first, but after a weeks practice i think im gettin the hang of it! Also this day we met Maria de lurdez. I guess her sons were baptised and were less actives. We took the list and started visiting people now his mom is taking the lessons.... One problem. She has got to go to Church! pretty common problem it looks like.

Wednesday we had a District meeting in the morning, which is pretty good. Its funny here because there are a few members that like to come and listen to our meeting sometimes.Also we taught Eliane again. When we teach her, she seems like she is doing so well. Asking questions about the Book of Mormon and everything... So the lessons are going good with her.

Thursday We went to maria de Lurdez again and also found Ana. It was funny because we had an incorrect address and we ended up finding Ana. We went there twice and first time she seemed really mad at us for taking her time and the second she was accepting the lesson and stuff, so it was cool to see the change. but again... go to Church! And Later that day i learned something really cool! I learned that my water proof shoes work great! up until the water goes above the shoe haha. We were walkin in this low water, but its always that one step to step in a spot a little too deep... Game Over.

Friday i had a split with Elder Almeida. He is a stud. He was baptized just over 2 years ago and now hes on the mission teaching other people. he has such a strong testimony and it was cool to teach with him. Those pics with the turtle and the bird were this day. We have a member at this house and her mom isnt a member so we went and taught her and saw her cool pets. Anyway, we marked a baptism, and we were working in my area, and things were lookin pretty good. We talked to a few members and how they need to give us references to work efficiently. So it was a good day.

Saturday we talked with Geani. she is a type of person that she beleives bits and peices of all of the religions. She has a huge problem with smoking. So we´ll see what we can do there. Also we talked with Liliane. So Eliane, Liliane, and Michaele are all friends. We have been teaching them all and they commited to go to church on sunday... but they didnt. Its tough sometimes, but we´ll keep working.

Sunday was the normal church, but for some reason my comp was a little unhappy, which isnt normal. he is a goofy dude so it was obvious somethin was up. So i guess he spends a lot of time talkin to girls. We have this really cool neighbor, she is about 20, and i see him talkin to her sometimes, and ive talked with her too. And i think there was something going on that the members were starting to talk that he was flirting with girls and stuff. Anyway he sits by girls at church too, but now he doesnt sit by anyone. Anyway i guess i need to watch out for my comp. he was a little mad because he doesnt see a problem with it, but ya i dont know. What do i do? Things are still pretty good though.

today we played basketball in the morning. Its really funny. Everyone loves to challenge the American! haha. Its pretty fun.

Well I guess thats about it. I was really thinking about repentance this week. We teach about it a lot. I decided that there really is nothing we can do about the past, but learn from it. There are so many regrets in life, so many things we should have done, so many things we shouldnt have, but its all made good through repentance. Its pretty cool. Also, there was a little 13 yr old girl that died on a motor cycle this past week... or the other week i dont remember, but i am so thankful for the plan of salvation.

Well keep it real and ill talk to ya sooner or later.

Elder Smoot

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