Monday, January 24, 2011

Wk 25 - Time Flies

Area: Campo Maior
Companion: Elder Braga

I cant beleive its already P day again. This week had some changes, but it was good. I like it when the week goes fast, its pretty cool.

Last tuesday we did some good work, i still feel like we could do more, but it was good. But the exciting thing is that at 10 pm we were all just sitting, talking, getting ready for bed and what not, and we get a call. We here that there is an emergency transfer and the Elder Magalhães is leaving in the morning at 6 am. I gotta say you have to be on your toes in this mission! the transfers are completely random sometimes, but its pretty exciting.

Wednesday we went to the transfer at 6 to watch him leave and then later the new comp of Elder Almeida arrived... Elder Iverson. Anyway later we had some good lessons and it wasnt a bad day.

Thursday... HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! did you get the video? haha good stuff. The day started off slow... as usual the afternoon right after lunch everyone is sleeping and/or eating... so its hard sometimes. Anyway we ended up stopping at this one house that had a bird sitting out and talked to them for a while. After about 4 o clock is when things pick up a little more. So it started slow, but by the end of the night, we didnt have time to do all of our visits, it was nice.
Friday started off really rough again. All of our appointments werent home right after lunch and we had a reference that just told us more or less where it was. So we had to ask like 4 houses to figure out who it was. Turns out it was this girl that talked to the missionaries like 10 years ago and likes to hear the lessons, so that was a help to our day. Anyway her name is Valdelice. Also that night some missionaries came from Teresina (because our district is part of teresina) and they were doing a split and doing a baptismal interview. Turns out one was a Brasilian that arrived with me and was in my room in the CTM. So that was cool to see him again. And they brought my package from the Andersons for me! That book was pretty cool! Tell them thanks for me.

Saturday we were going to lunch, and the new American started to feel pretty bad. He had a stomach ache and everything, which is pretty normal here haha. But we were going to lunch and the other two said we have seperate lunch today, or that two people will give us lunch today. So they had me go with elder Iverson to a house that was a little closer in case he had more problems we could get home faster. It was wierd but really cool because he doesnt speak or understand a lot yet because he was in Texas for 2 months so i had to do all of the talking and conversing. Anyway we went home for a little bit to wait for the other two and it just started pownding rain! Anyway it finally stopped and later that day the other elders had another baptism and it was cool because when it was raining i was studying with elder iverson to give a talk at the baptism and he did pretty good so it was cool. Good day.

Sunday there was nothing real exciting.. Just church and an amazing lunch which was nice. I am so thankful for the blessing of being able to speak pretty good and understand most everything now. I remember when i was like Elder Iverson... its hard. But i have been tryin to help him and make it easier for him and he is learning fast. He studies hard and is really obedient so im sure it will come.

Today was pretty cool. We just shoppedand stuff but I bought some soccer shoes to play around in and helped Elder Iverson get some stuff. Since ive already tried a lot of the food i could show him what is good and not good to buy haha its pretty cool.

Well just another Happy Birthday mom! And now tomorow, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TALIA! The years just keep passin and with out even realizing it we are gettin old! I always remember wanting to grow up, but when you grow up, you just want to stay young!

I can only think of a couple more things that would be sweet in a package.. 1st- Pepto Bismol. Its a quick fix and it helps a lot. and i help a lot of other people with it too. 2nd- if you can, i would love some cereal. Some Captain crunch, or a fruity pebbles or something... it would be nice. So if you cant dont worry, but just ideas.

Campo Maior has been pretty awesome so far! the ward is like a family and i like the members a lot. I get fed a lot of food from the members at lunch and all and havent been hungry at all! I am starting to have a little gut actually its ridiculous. the weather has been pretty chilly lately. I have to keep the fan really low or ill wake up really cold. The house is pretty nice, it has some spiders and bugs and all, but a lot less then most of the houses here. I just sleep with the net now, thanks Rex Family! The other american bought one today too, he was sick of the bugs at night. and i just sleep in the bed. I use the hammocks to take naps and stuff on p day and at night, but i like the bed with net thing. It is kinda wierd to use... but it works so why not?

My clothes are fine and still in great condition. Havent had any problems. and i did get that hair product from Tal. Thanks a lot. I use it when the sun is shining hard and man it smells really good. I still havent seen tammys package, but ill keep you updated. The jump rope is good and i think the Elder Iverson wants to start running in the morning! Finally. So that should be cool. My comp is still sleepin, but at least he is cool. Ill try to influence him a little more, maybe send me an airhorn? haha that would be so funny.

Well I was studying the conference talks this week and i really liked the talk of Bishop Richard C. Edgley- Faith, the choice is yours. I think its cool that we dont always control what happens in life, but we always control how we react. So above everything, always choose faith and choose to be happy. Like in Ether 12:6 we dont gain a testimony until after the trial of our faith.

I better get going so have an awesome week! Love you all,

Elder Smoot

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