Monday, December 27, 2010

Wk 21 - Last Moments in Parnaiba...

Area: Parnaiba, Brazil
Companion: Elder Passarin

Well as you can tell... i dont have much time left in Parnaíba, but we´ll get to that in a little bit.

Last monday at night was that picture of the barbeque in our backyard. A member brought over the thing to cook it on and gave us a bunch of meat. It was pretty awesome! even though the meat was pretty burnt.

Tuesday we finally had a good day after a long dry spell of not having much success, as in having lots of lessons, lots of new investigators and what not. Me and my comp taught a new group of about 8 people and it was cool, there was a little kid with a big ole Iguana there. I attached a pic of him, but this was a different, tiny iguana because the big one died before i made it back to take a picture.

Wednesday was a long day, but was good because i saw some progress with some of our investigators, one named Yasmin, and that was cool. And that night i tried to make brownies with the mix, but as you see in the pic, the pan was huge and i kind of burnt half of it... but its all good! At least i got the other half.

Thursday my comp was out back trying to burn his garments, so i went back to help. I ended up getting them going and had to add a little more to it so i had a little bon fire in our back yard, i was pretty excited about that. Anyway i had a horrible stomach ache this day and it was when we were walking to lunch. Luckily it was a cool member that got me some medicine and let me lay down for a while and 1 hour later i was fine. And that night we had a ward party, which had food of course, so that was pretty sweet. And Also that night my comp gave me a tie he bought me for Christmas, so that was cool.

Friday was Christmas eve and i was pleasantly surprised that we still had pretty decent numbers for a day. Anyway we passed by a super market and that is the other photo i attached, i bought hersheys and gum.. which was kinda pricy for such little things, but i was thinkin ´its christmas, why not´. And that night we went to a member of the district presidency´s house and he bought a bunch of stuff to make cookies and crepes, so me and my comp made those, and were actually really good!

Saturday was Christmas! It was definitely wasnt what im used to and was by far the most uneventful christmas ive had, but it was pretty good. That morning me and my comp opened presents we got for eachother and also the presents you guys sent me, so it was cool. Then we walked a couple miles to lunch, and ate some really good lasagna and rice and then walked back to the church to call our families! My comp called first and then i called. I gotta say that was the best part of the day! it was so good to hear from you all, even little Rugster. After hearing about all the new technology stuff coming out i almost feel behind on whats going on! that x box playing thing sounds awesome. i am always impressed by technology, its truly amazing.

Sunday i was asked to give a talk... So i really dont like to give talks! It wasnt too bad though, but i felt like i struggled speaking and stuff, but it turned out pretty good. I really just talked about Christmas and one of the books you guys sent me i used a lot of it. Stuff like, we have time to travel, play golf, go shopping, but do we have time for Christ? Anyway it was just simple because thats about all i can do. Anyway later on we waited all day to hear about transfers... but nobody called.

Today we were all going together, me, my comp, Robertson, and Melo (his comp), and then split up and we stopped by a members house who gave us some food and i took that picture with the parrot. But while we were in their house, we got a random call from the assistents! They said my comp will stay here and i am going to...... Campo Maior. Its about to Teresina i think maybe 4 or 5 hours on a bus from Parnaíba so that will be cool. Anyway i gotta go pack up now!

Anyway if you have any questions or concerns just let me know! Im all ears... or eyes on the email... whatever. I am excited and not really sure what im in for just yet... i will let you know next week! i think im leavin tomorow morning.

Love ya,
Elder Smoot

So... i attached a voice recording thing.. my little mp3 has a recorder so let me know if it worked and i thought it could be cool to send voice clips.. maybe ... if you think thats cool? or whatever just let me know!

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