Monday, December 20, 2010

Wk 20 - Crazzzyy Week

Area: Parnaiba, Brazil
Companion: Elder Passarin

So Last monday after we emailed, we went to this old lady´s house who they call avó (or grandma). She is so old! I think the constent sun and what not makes you look 3 times older, but she had to be 80 yrs old. Anyway on the way i almost stepped on a tarantulla and so i had to take a pic by it, it was big. And when we got there she gave us a little bit of food, that was some soup that i dont want to know what was in it but i know bones were included and it didnt sit well, and then she gave us a wierd t shirt that had a horrible smell to it. But of course we were happy and gladly accepted everything and it was cool i guess.

So tuesday we had district meeting, and this was the last time with Elder Gessel, And anyway after that we just received money for lunch so we went and bought food and brought it home to cook and eat. We ate hot dogs and some little chicken finger things, which was really good. It was one of those good tasting, but probably not good for you foods... but it was definitely worth it. So after this, we packed up and got ready to go to Teresina for a training with Elder Mazzagardi. So we spent some time doing that and took off to the bus station. We rode on the bus from about 4 till about 10 and then slept in the Staff house, which is this apartment in Teresina where the seceretaries sleep and it has about 5 bunk beds to sleep on, and i ended up taking my matress out on the balcony to sleep, which i heard from Elder Blackham the first time i passed there and i woke up a little chilly! I think it got down to 75 degress and i was a little cold! haha this is crazy.

to be continued.......

Alright sorry the computer was having issues so i had to reboot...

So Wednesday now... We had a big meeting with all of the missionaries from Parnaiba, Sobral, and Teresina. It was a really cool meeting. We first heard from the assistents and then Pres and Sis Dias and then Mazzagardi´s wife and then Elder Mazzagardi. It was really cool! I dont think he really had a written script because he didnt look at anything, but he went on talking to us for about 3 hours! it was amazing. He is truly a man that can be led by the spirit to say whatever needs to be said. And while i was there i ran into elder Stewart and so that was cool. After he spoke, we had a lunch prepared for us that was really good, took that picture that i sent, and then went to the bus station to go home. It was a long bus ride and we got home at like 10 30.

Thursday was kind of a rough day and i think it was partially because i was tired from traveling. My comp got upset again and complained a lot about how i didnt sit by him on the bus and keep him company and other little things like that. I´ll be honest i said something that was a little harsh... but it explains how i feel about my comp about now so i will share it with you haha. i said ´dude, I AM YOUR COMPANION, NOT YOUR GIRLFRIEND!´ Man sometimes it is so hard because he really wants me to always be at his hip and he kept telling me how a real friend would have sit by him on the bus and stuff. It´s pretty crazy! but its all good. And as usual my comp was mad, but later that day he snapped out of it.

Friday my companion was a little frustrated again, but again snapped out of it, and i think im getting pretty good at making him snap out of his little fits, so its a lot nicer now... But i guess that happens after 2 1/2 months of being with someone. You learn to deal with things. But we both agreed it is about time for transfers and it will be nice to have a change. And i still am thankful that Elder Robertson is in the house cause he´s cool.

Saturday was nice weather. There were finally some clouds and this really light rain that made it nice. It still is not cold though, and never will be. And after a long week of hardly no success, we finally had some lessons and had some good contacting and what not. We went through a little dry spell and it was just getting worse, so saturday was nice.

Sunday was a good day at church and a decent afternoon. So just to tell you how things are here..... Things are way different. I feel like im numbed to how crazy and different things are sometimes. So the last few weeks this lady has been in sacrament with her new baby. So her baby will get fussy, and in the middle of Sacrament meeting, will just through a blanket over him and feed him, and it is pretty normal. But when i think about it, who just does that in sacrament meeting! and some people will walk up on the stand during a talk to ask the branch pres a question or something haha. Its pretty different! This sunday me and my comp blessed the sacrament which was cool. I feel like i am just in a dream world or something, but its been a great experience. I am starting to forget about home and i feel like i know parnaiba better then i know my own house! It is wild. And that night a member came over from Branch 2 and he was showing us some cool stuff. This member is the man. He did a one thumbed push up! Seriously, he did a one handed, but with his thumb pushup. Then he showed us some self defense moves and stuff. And he always gives us a ride if we need it and today he gave us a grill to cook this meet that he bought for us. He is amazing! He used to be a fighter and he is super ripped. He said that all of the strength and energy he has now though is for the lord. He is truly an awesome member.

So today we went to the center again and with the money from grandma i bought a little bag for the travels to teresina and what not, because i used my comps bag for teresina this time. Also those bracelets and wood key chains with our names on it i bought with that money. If you check my account i should have taken some out. So thanks G Draper! Also i bought those little laundry baskets. I liked the bags, but these were cheap and really cool so i got them. i will keep you updated on what else i get, i will probably buy a little something for my comp.

Well it was a crazy week. The traveling to Teresina and trying to do a lot of things has been wild. I guess there was a huge rain storm that hit while we were in teresina. The rain is so inconsistent here! It either doesnt rain at all, or it comes down like nothing else! i was talking to someone today and they said when it gets real bad, they pay a guy 50 cents to drive them up the street in a boat! I guess we´ll see if it gets that bad. And when we went to Teresina, i didnt have any packages so i am still waiting for the others.

Well dad good luck with all the new work! I think about what you are doing and obviously missionary work is important! I have to constantly remind myself how important this work is because sometimes it feels like you arent helping anyone when you arent having success. But it is awesome experience and i have learned so much about the gospel!

Well thats it for now... About the call on Christmas. We can call on the 24th or 25th but i am pretty sure we will call on christmas cause that would be a lot cooler. I am thinking we will call... maybe in the afternoon like 3 or 4. I really dont know at all because we have some members houses to visit on Christmas that invited over for some food and so we will see. I am sorry i dont have much information still, but my comp doesnt really know either. He has 11 months in the mish so he came in to the mission right after Christmas so this is a first for him too.

Have an amazing week and then some! I love Christmas time and New Years as well! So after this one i only have to miss one more! So it will be nice. Remember that True happiness comes from making other people happy. So go be happy, have a wonderful holiday and i will talk to you on... Saturday!

Até Mais,

Elder Smoot

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