Monday, December 20, 2010

Feliz Natal

Area: Parnaiba, Brazil
Companion: Elder Passarin

"this was a pic that the pres sent...
pretty cool.from our training in Teresina that i will talk about in a bit.."

Taranchula Tanner met on the sidewalk!
Elder Smoot, Elder Passarin, & the 'avo' or grandma
"Then the Spider was like 30 min ago! We were in a members house and she sat down on the chair and my comp saw it and she got up and moved and then we had a good little time trying to kill it. It was a beastly spider and was quite the jumping spider! So there is a good image for ya! Anyway, See ya later."
"I realized i didnt explain a couple of the pics.... The one with the little ice stuff was this morning. We were de-iccing our fridge/freezer thing and so i tried to use the slush to make a snowman... but it melted in like 2 seconds so it just looks like a pile of mush."

Elder Robertson, Elder Wells, & Elder Smoot
Elder Stewart, Elder Smoot
Little friend in Tanner's room!
Bracelets & key chains
Tanner's closet

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