Tuesday, October 5, 2010

WK 9 - Tanner Called at 2:52 AM - TUESDAY 5 OCT

We were sound asleep when the phone rang at 2:52 AM. Marcie quickly answered and I slowly woke up. We talked with Tanner for about 40 minutes. We tried to wake up the other kids. Jenna and Tayton were able to wake up, Jade couldn't wake up and stayed in bed. Tanner said that he woke up at 4:30 AM to get ready for the flight (1:30 AM in Utah). He said it was hard to say goodbye to his District since they were going to different missions, he said they were all really good friends. He said that a lot of them plan to attend BYU, so he looks forward to seeing them again. Tanner was traveling with 6 Brazilian missionaries. Elder Andrew Blackham was in training in Teresina and said in a letter that he hopes to see Elder Tanner Smoot and talk with him for a minute.

Tanner sounded good and was excited to be heading to Teresina. His p-day is on Monday's so we will not get a letter from him until Monday. So we tried to talk as long as his traveling companions would let him. It was great to hear Elder Smoot's voice, he seems to be doing well.


  1. Hello Marcie! Thank you for your message on Elder Fridley's blog. That's so exciting that you got to hear from your son before leavng to his mission. Adam mentioned Elder Smoot in one of his letters. You may of read about it in one of his letters posted on the blog. I know Adam would love to keep in contact with your son. He spoke so fondly of his district and the missionaries in it. Would you mind if I "hijack" a couple of your pictures on your blog that have Elder Fridley in them? A couple of them I don't have. If you want to communicate offline anytime, my email is bcmamj@cox.net My name is Char Fridley. We will keep an eye out for Elder Jackson here in Tucson. Best of wishes to your Elder!

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