Monday, October 18, 2010

Wk 11 - Parnaiba Week 2

Area: Parnaiba
Companion: Elder Passarin

MON: Last P day was sweet. After emailing i went to the center and bought another jersey and a hammock. I took a nap in the hammock when we got home and it was so nice. I sleep in my hammock almost every night for a couple of hours because sometimes its too hot! And that night we had a barbeque at a members. i will try to send a pic.
TUES: We had a District meeting in the morning and we do that every week i think. Anyway i saw Elder Beach there. (and he goes by elder Logan now because when a brazilian says beach... not good.) anyway i know who he is because he is in my district. Lunch was super good with some ice cream dessert, and i love ice cream! So after she even had an old guitar.. and i tried to play, but i will have to work on that when i get home. And i heard some old music that i used to like. Its funny becuase the people here either listen to some portuguese stuff and an occasional person blasting songs from the US. And everyone knows who Justin Beiber is, its ridiculous.
WED: A few more lessons, New investigators every day, and that night i found a frog in the Bathroom! it was cool, but for some reason my comp was super affraid it was funny.
THUR: We set a date for baptism for a woman that night which was good.. And at like 9:30 our power went out till bout mid night. So i took a Shower with my flashlight.. that was cool. And taking a shower is nice. There is only one temp of water here and it is nice and cool and feels good.
FRI: Lunch was amazing again with cooked meat, beans and rice, and lettuce and coca cola. Coca-Cola is like gold here. We cant drink it in our house or in the streets, but only at other places and anyway is super good. And at night we had a lesson in which was just a bunch of girls close to our age, most older than me, but they were all friends of a member in our ward. So we had 8 new investigators and 4 of the girls came to church on sunday.
SAT: A little rough because i had blisters on my heels, but i survived and im fine now. Taught a few lessons and walked a lot this day. So a couple of interesting things, first is that people here put speakers on top of their car and sometimes pull a trailer of speakers instead of putting them in their car to blast it. and i heard some remix of taylor swift haha so anyway its cool i guess. They gotta share their music with everyone when its that good. And halloween is getting close and a party for children was going on in this place and this old woman stopped us and was saying how halloween was satans holiday or something.. pretty entertaining.
SUN: So we had those four girls at church and also one boy that is 9 yrs. old named Luiz Felipe. He is supposed to be baptized this Sat and if things work out i think it is supposed to be me baptizing him. haha better get workin on that prayer for baptism. Anyway my comp went up to bless the sacrament this sunday and you stay up there the whole time, so i was sitting with Felipe alone. So i gave him a peice of paper and a pen to draw haha because i cant really understand anything he says! i felt bad, but ya i just kind of agreed with everything he said and gave him paper and a pen. But we had fun. And church is a little different here. When someone was giving a talk, two kids were playing cars under the stand, it was pretty entertaining. Anyway good day.
So thats about the week.. So i live in a little place, well actually one of the biggest houses for missionaries, and me and my comp sleep in a room and the other two Melo and Magno(he goes home after this transfer) and we have a room for study, and a main room and a kitchen. Its funny that you just kind of get used to the ants running everywhere in the house. It is a whole different style of living but i think im getting used to it. So for food i eat breakfast every day, usually an egg on a roll, and today im going to buy cereal, and lunch we have at members house everyday, and dinner we make at like 9:30 when we get home, and all its been so far is pasta so im going to try and switch it up a bit this week.
So i learn something everyday, and one thing you should know on a mission is that even though you are hungry, dont take a ton of food if you dont know if it is good or what it is. Just word of wisdom... haha i did it and had to finish, it wasnt horrible, but it made me realize to be careful.
So i can print papers here if i need to print off an email or whatever... but it would take a while to get. From what ive heard, every package and letter sent has to go to the mission office, and sometimes will sit for 3 months because depending, it wont get to us until a transfer or someone comes up here from the office. pretty lame.
-Quick question: Should i keep taking 10mp pictures or drop to 5mp? Just your opinion. The 10 take more room and longer to send.. just wonderin. and should i buy a power converter?
And thank you for the markers in the package and the lint brush! use them almost every day!
Well things are good and tudo bem here in Parnaíba! Tchau
-Elder Smoot

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