Monday, October 25, 2010

Wk 12 - Another Week in Parnaiba

Mon: Emailed, bought a couple things in the Center. (The center is a bunch of people that set up random stuff, watches, bags, hammocks,etc.) Then went grocery shoppin..
Tues: district Meeting in the morning with elder gessel, e. logan, me and my comp. This day was my first time trying guarana Jesus! it is amazing. Its kind of like the.. ok i dont even know but it is good stuff. My comp gave me a haircut (i borrowed an energy transformer thing from another elder) so now its really short. We were at a house teaching and there was an icecream shop near by so we went and i ate 3 ice cream cones. It was crazy but i love ice cream and they were good flavors like Açai, Maracuja, and Brigadero(chocolate). and then we were late getting home so we ran and its hard in church clothes with a bag and with messed up roads!
WED: so my comp was determined to try running every morning. so we tried this morning and went for like 6 min i think. Impressive! haha I think im ready to run a marathon now. And then the brazilians in my house, im the only american, started trying totrade stuff withme. andthey love shorts! its insane so i really have to protect my stuff. And i made french toast after the longday and it was good.. but not as good as home! we dont really have cinnamon or lots of spices i can add to food, so its pretty plain.
THURs: For lunch i ate some peices of pig intestine or something. my comp refused to eat it but i tried it. It was very strange and pretty chewy where it wasnt burnt. It wasnt throw up bad, but i dont know who would go buy that at the store. its really funny because you never know what to expect when you begin a day! a lot of different things could happen! And after we went and talked to a less active and he started complaining to me about how it is so much easier to go tochurch in utah and on andon and wouldnt stop.Then he took us to bless his mother in law i think itwas.It was interesting! I had to have my comp whisper in my ear what to say.. But good experience.
FRi: president Dias came up and we had interviews. So when he came he brought mail too, and i got a letter from melissa and brandon fam so that wascool. sorry these wordsare attached. this spacebar only half works. Anyway, we went on our way and we stopped at a members house cause i had to go to the bathroom. so this was an experience that made me so thankful for my house. the walls are all just stacked bricks with a little cement in between, and the bathroom is seperated from theroom by a hanging sheet. And next to the toilet isthe shower, which is also seperated by a sheet. so they didnt have a light in there either so i had to go in the dark, with a cockroach on the wall. It was intense! and There is not a way to flush but by pouring water down the toilet. so anyway it made me realize that what we have doesnt really matter if we want to be happy. This family i think the father ran away or something but they dont have a dad, so the manof the house is my buddy who is a returned missionary and the mom and everyone there is so happy. And everytime we go over there they give us water and go by a 2 litter soda and just try to help it is amazing. So anyway That man that lives there came with us to teach andi even gotto ride his bike! it was sweet because ilove ridin my bike. And when wewere going i saw someone getting a tatoo. There is a lot of wierd/interesting stuff you see out here, but i just thought it was interesting it waslike out where everyone could see.
SAt: So today was my first Baptism! this is luiz felipe and he is 9 years old. so in the morning we went to hishouse for our DL E.Gessel to do the interview. And elder Logan was challenged to climb a treeand get a cocunut when we were there. Man it was funny. he got up and actually got one. They let us try some of the water from the coconut, and it was warm and nasty, but i heard it is pretty good. anyway we did that, went to lunch, thenwent to the church for the baptism. things got really intense for a while because We had district conference this weekend and so all the training wasin our building and whatnot. so weare tryingto have a baptism and others are setting up for their training and anyway we didnt have keys to open the font, which was already full. so we finally got that and hadlike a 10min baptism session and itwent really well, but fast because we needed to leave so training could start. So i baptized him and i got it in portuguese the first try! wahoo. i was thankful for that. anyway later that day we had another new drink i hadnt tried before. Its called Cevada and it honestly looked like coffee but my comp assured me it wasnt and they were members so i tried it. Man it was so gross and super hot! so i couldnt just chug it. Anyway i waited forever forit to cool down and then just chugged it right before we left and got offered more, but luckily i know how to say no thanks! So later we were at a house teaching and then we got called to go to a house with Pres Dias. so first the house we were at gave us some coca-cola and cake which was good. then we went to this really nice house(the nicest house ive been to yet!) and he was rich. So he had this girl, probably his house maid or something, bring us out guarana and some meat filled pocket things of goodness. so pres dias taught him and wewere far from our house so he gave us a ride home! it was perfect. We got dinner and a ride home!
SUN:District conference at an auditorium, thisbecause they dont have a building big enough for everyone. It was nice and air conditioned so i had a good time. pres and sis dias spoke. So we had lunch at a members and went home to drop off our suit coats. So all of our appointments were falling throught, when my companion started sayin he didnt feel too good. so we went to a members house nearby and my comp threw up all over their porch. Then kept throwing up just tons. We think it was lunch. My stomach felt a little strange, but it wasnt to that point. Anywho we went to this hospital thing and he got a shot and a couple things and we went to the house and he just crashed.
So thats my week and today there hasnt been much more happenin. i sent a letter so hopefully you get it!
from last week, i speak about 50/50 english portuguese with my companion. Sometimes i just get lazy and dont want to speak portuguese anymore, but he usually makes me speak in portuguese.
As far as things and suplies go im good! i can get about anything i want here! and im still onmy first stick of Deoderant and have two more.
The languageis coming and i understand more and more each day! still not second nature to methough!
The people here are mostly pretty friendly and what not, but pretty normal ya know you have some that are not very nice. But the people here are mostly darker skin, but there are areas, more or less São Paulo, that have white skin.
my comp is pretty cool, it could definitely be a lot worse. andthe other roommates are cool. My favorite person is elder magno, but heleaves after this transfer.
Only at night i have felt a little tense in some areas, butfor the most part,i never feel unsafe. My comp ismore affraidthen i am andhe´s brazilian!

I only see other missionaries in Parnaiba at district meetings and At districtthings. There are 10 of us here in Parnaiba. I have 4 at my house and im the only american. So i see the other 3 americans every tuesday.
The rules for emailing are pretty relax i think, only because he hasnt stressed it and has nothing really about it in his rules. Mostly just follow the mission handbook and be by your comp when you email... so not a big deal. if he hasnt said anything then i wont stress it!
Well love you all! thanks for the prayers and all of the help you giveme. Keep me updated with Tal!
-Elder Smoot

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