Monday, July 23, 2012

Wk 103 - In Closing...

Area: Buenos Aires 
Companion: Elder De Los Santos

Well im sorry i dont have time to write you guys today! i just wanted
to say that im excited to see you all and hopefully i survive the long
trip home. Looks like me and Elder Stewart will go all the way back
together and im pumped. It has been a wonderful experience here in
Brasil, and a big part of it here in Teresina. I have really learned
to love these people and i have some new friends that i wont forget. I
am a little nervous to see you again though.... i feel like i dont
know anyone anymore! But you know that i love my family and cant wait
to get to know all of you again haha or at least thats what it seems
like ill have to do. Anyway just some quick notes about the week....
on friday i was doing an interview and andre was the kid, it was for
elder murray.... i asked him who he wanted to baptize him and he said
me. i didnt expect that at all and i think i asked him about 5 times
if he was sure, but yup i baptized him on saturday. When i was
entering into the water, i fell in!!! it was so embarassing. But, i
got back up and we still had the baptism and all went well. The week
was a dificult week to work because there were so many members calling
us over to eat! ah man it was tough but still, it was a decent week. I
cant believe its ending, and probably wont until im actually home.
Well, just know that i love you and am very thankful for your support.
Have a wonderful couple of days until i get there again! love ya,

Elder Smoot

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