Monday, July 16, 2012

Wk 102- Coming to the end

Area: Buenos Aires 
Companion: Elder De Los Santos

I still dont feel like i am ending my mission... it has been such a
long time that it seems like the end will never come. i guess we will
see how i feel next week. I am enjoying myself out here and am glad i
have served here.... it just seems unreal that it is all gonna end. I
enjoyed hearing your experiences during the week.. the rain sounded
nice and refreshing, cause its also been a long time since its rained
here. but your week sounded busy, so thats kinda how mine was. I feel
like i have a lot to do still and the time is just slipping through my
fingers. Last monday we went to a stadium here in teresina that Jean
took us to. its called the albertão. So thats why there will be a few
pics of that attached.

Tuesday we had our normal routine of district meeting. I like my
district so we have fun quick meetings and make them meaningful so its
pretty chill. We had lunch at josé and fatimas which was good... Then
we met up with a member named Rhuan who went to do visits with us. The
day was super full and we got a lot more done than i thought we would.
We went and gave a member a blessing that had called us and asked for
a blessing then went to talk to josina because she lives close by to
the member. It was a wonderful visit and it was cool because she is
already seeing the blessings of the gospel in her life even though she
is just getting to know the church. her son got a job and is now
working and its cool because she loves the visits and actually went to
church on sunday... we just need to figure out if she is gonna marry
the dude that lives in the same house, or no.... but other than that,
she progressed a lot this week. We then met up with domingos to do a
division, but this time my comp elder de los santos went with domingos
and i stuck with rhuan. We went and met up with another member, aline,
and we went and visited a bunch of people... some new, others were
less actives, but we visited about 4 or 5 people that night so it was
great. We then met back up with domingos and my comp and ended the
night... packed day.

Wednesday was an interesting day. We visited ana virginia again and
she is just getting worse... it really looks like she is on drugs or
is just really really strange... i dont know what to do, but it looks
like some members went there this week so hopefully we can help her
out. We visited Alcione after her baptism for the first time, and i
was super impressed with her progress.... She came in just super
happy, talkative, and just awesome, and i hadnt seen that before the
baptism. We couldnt get her to do the prayer, and this time she did it
voluntarily and man i was just happy as can be to see her doin well
after the baptism. Domingos is the man and constantly helps her and
keeps everyone on track in his family and those that are his
friends... i love that guy. Then he came with us after that to visit a
less active and his nephew so it was also a pretty good day.

Thursday was good cause the day started with lunch at fransisco
andrade´s house and he makes a lot of food. We ate sooo much. then we
visited josina which was great.. Later we met up with Ana karine and
eli to visit some people... we visited Edney who was a cool guy who we
used to visit a long time ago and he came to church on sunday which
was sweet! And we had a nice long walk to visit the members relatives
as well... it was a long walk home, but it was a decent day.

Friday was insane. We were in our room gettin ready for the day when
the other elder came in and asked if we could donate blood for a
member that was needing it... and she has blood type o+ so she could
accept any blood or something like that... apparently it was a little
11 year old who was gonna do a heart surgery and so we went to donate
blood in the morning... but didnt get out till 1 pm. It was a super
funny and fun experience and really didnt hurt bad... my arm was just
a little swollen afterwards. But we went directly to do an interview
of someone that wasnt even wanting to get baptized and had problems
with coffee, so i was a little upset because it was suuuppeerrr far
and we took a bus to get there, but we walked back to get to lunch at
4 o clock... man i was high cause we had just taken out blood and it
was crazy. lunch was good then we had to go do 2 more interviews for
elder murry and elder soares de souza.... They are doing awesome which
makes me happy.. anyway we went with jean and domingos to do a visit
and that was the end to the crazy and spontaneous day.

Saturday We had a good lunch at the furtados, they have their neighbor
getting home from the mission tomorow so it was fun to talk to them. I
read a talk from elder uchtdorf while i was waiting from the july
liahona about always being in the middle... it was pretty good to read
especially being at ´the end´ of the mission. We went and visited
josina, then some visits didnt work out so we went with jean and
domingos again and jean took us in his car to help a member out get
ready for a wedding that was going to happen in the church that
night... then we walked home with domingos from the chapel cause jean
went to the wedding... this week was full of adventure.

Sunday we had church and we passed by ana virginia´s on the way
there... but unfortunately she didnt come... but it was a good turn
out to church as far as investigators go... hopefully we can help them
a little more this week. We ate lunch at a members house then had to
book it home for a bit to do a little updating on the area book.. we
tried passing a few places during the afternoon, but they werent home
and at night we had a good family night at josé and fatimas house with
a bunch of members and an investigator... so it was a good end to the

sorry it took so long today, we went with jean to some cool place that
he knows... it is like a gettaway place here close to teresina so i
will send some pics a little later of it... but i bought a bunch of
stuff as well so it was a great day..

I still cant believe ill see you next week! it wont sink in till im
actually home.. anyway, have a great week! cant wait to see yall.

with love,

Elder Smoot

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