Monday, June 20, 2011

Wk 46 - Crazy week

Area: Teresina-Satélite
Companion: Elder Bailey

Well, i feel pretty overwhelmed right now! It happens a lot in the mission though.

Tuesday was a tough day. We didnt have a lot planned and we are running out of good references.... But we ended up having a good day. We went to a couple of recent converts houses to help them and taught a few people. First we talked to Ana who kind of rebelled from the church and started drinking coffee and didnt go to church anymore. We went there and she asked for a blessing because she was sick. At the end of the blessing, she was crying. We came back later and she said she wasnt feeling good, and for some reason, she just knew it was the coffee... And she said at that exact moment we showed up, she was praying that someone would show up to help her... pretty neat experience. Also we talked to Bruna, who is under 18, and her mom wont letter be baptized. She comes to church every sunday and anyway, just her mom is stopping her... pretty dumb.

Wednesday started out a slow day again.... we are really lacking good investigators... But the day got better as it went on. Let me tell you, it is not very fun to roam the sunny dusty streets at 95 degrees for hours. But again, we visited a recent convert, Jo. He is a cool guy and is still goin to church. He just had a few questions about the church. He is a very cool guy. Later i cut some members hair that were begging me to do it and then we had a very cool family night. We talked about Repentance. Really as missionaries, that is what we preach. Repentance is all about having a better life and being a better person. It is the change that happens. and thats what i like to see as a missionary.

Thursday we talked to Italo... he is ywerio´s friend. We need to get him to church, but he has been going to seminary.. so hopefully that works. Then we talked with Isaura who is pretty cool as well... she is like 25 and said she has already been baptized! There are sooo many less actives here. Then we had some other visits that were cool. Also this day, Bailey and Crittenden got their calls asking what airport was closest to their house so they could buy their plane tickets... haha they were pretty happy.

Friday we had a tough day. We walked forever... and when we got to where we were going... we figured out that the person didnt even live there! It was a pain haha i miss my car.... but its just how it is. Anyway, we went throughout the day and we survived.

Saturday we had an awesome lunch, slow afternoon, but it picked up again as the night went on. We taught ana, murilo and raimundo.

Sunday... happy fathers day! Hope you had a good day. Church was alright.... it is very rowdy in our ward. All the youth get together and talk a lot... but we had a good meeting. Then after, Ywerio got the priesthood! He was pretty excited. Then we taught him about the D&C and then we went up to Taquari to the other ward to see Dailane... She went so that was good. After we talked to Rafael who is doing alright, then to Lustosa who is Heltons friend.

It was a pretty wild week.... nothing real exciting happened, but im just glad we made it. This week we are gonna have to find some new investigators and get something going on here.

Sorry i dont have many pics this week... just a few from today. Well have an awesome week!

Elder Smoot

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