Monday, June 6, 2011

Wk 44 - 20 already??

Ywerio's baptism

LDS Chapel in Teresina (Map)

Elder Bailey & Elder Smoot

Birthday package +one!

bowling on P-day

Area: Teresina-Satélite
Companion: Elder Bailey

Well i sure dont feel like im turning 20 this week.... i just barely got used to saying im 19! I guess we´ll see how it is next week.

So this week was a pretty good one. As you can see, like i said last week on p day we went bowling! It was way fun.

Tuesday we had the normal district meeting.... and after we had a really good lunch at a members house. We visited Ywério who was planning on getting baptized on saturday and that went well... Later that day i had to give a member back his guitar that we borrowed. I might have told you already, but i have been playing guitar a lot... and its getting a lot better. it was really fun. And if i stay here for longer ill ask him to let me borrow it again. That night we went to teach some english to this family in our ward. They asked for some help, so we´ve been doing that for a couple of weeks.

Wednesday i got 2 packages! I got my birthday package and the package with the stuff from tammy! Thanks. The tie was pretty sweet. I also got a bunch of letters... i pretty much hit jackpot... the only thing is that i didnt get that other shirt package with the CTR ring.... interesting. The day after lunch was pretty slow, but not too bad. We met a new family through a reference from a member which was Alessandra, but they didnt really go to church on sunday so
we´ll see if they are really interested in learning about the church. Also i helped a member with guess what? His math. HAHA man i will never complain again about helping Jenna with math. He seriously didnt understand anything past 2+2+4 and he was 16. It took a lot of patience, but it was kinda fun.

Thursday we had a morning visit with Helton. It went well and it is with the 4 people we started teaching the other week. Danielle, dielle, dailane, and erika. They were getting really interested in the church and stuff... but i dont know if they are willing to change. I have faith that anyone can change, but it takes a desire. We had a great lunch at the Bishop´s house (its always good) and then we visited Ywerio again. And later that night we taught english again.

Friday we had the interview with Ywério and it went well and we were set for the baptism on saturday night. We taught Alessandra and her family again and it was amazing. We had a good lesson and when we talked, they were quiet and attentive. I really dont know how to explain it. We came out of the house just really happy and it was just one of those good missionary experiences. we were talking about the book of mormon and the importance of a prophet. It was really cool.

Saturday... I officially have 10 months in the mish.. It feels so long yet so little.. its wierd. So we had another morning visit with Danielle and clan and it was decent. I still just feel like they like what we´re teaching... they just dont have DESIRE to change. It makes all the difference. So we went about our day and had a planned baptism that night. just one problem... The chapel didnt have water!! It is seriously a battle for every dang baptism. Something ALWAYS has to go wrong. It is insane. But we just planned to do it on sunday instead.

Sunday we had a good fast and testimony meeting and i really enjoyed it. After we had a good lunch at Maon´s. He is a cool member that always takes us in his car to his house. Also, our church was still out of water so he took us all up to Taquari in his car! He is the man. So the baptism went well and i baptized ywerio and Crittenden baptized a young woman as well and it went well.

So that was about our week. It was a lot of work but we got some stuff done.... I am getting ready to send some stuff home so in about a month or two you can be lookin for it.

And Mom, dont worry. Even though i am gonna be 20 now... I will forever be a momma´s boy.

Questions/answers to Tanner:

*Sounds like you had an awesome week last week! I love to hear you being successful- which makes you happy! I know this is week 12 in this area-- any inkling what is going to happen? Do you kinda hope you stay? Does there seem to be more American's coming in? So we did get word that this week we are all staying! That should be cool. If it goes as planned, we will have 4 americans in our house for the 4th of july! That should be awesome. As far as more americans coming in... i havent heard anything... so i dont know.

*tell me if you need any more socks or anything.. Ok so as far as stuff goes... im good! if i have problems with anything ill let you know. I really dont need clothes of any sort. I may want you to send another nyquil or night time sinus thing if you could. Mine is almost all gone now. oh and also dont send me soap or the high endurance anymore... Im bought some soap that i like here so im gonna use that for a while... if i want more ill let you know. Just thought id say it so you dont send more.

*Are you good on hygiene items? Im good on everything right now. I can buy most of that stuff here... but if i want you to send it ill let you know.

and by the way... thanks for the flip flops! My other ones just busted and i started sewing them up... but then i got new ones! ha i think that might have been inspired cause it was perfect timing.

Well thanks again for everythning... Ill get back to you next week! Have a good one.

Elder Smoot

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