Monday, November 1, 2010

Wk 13 - Life in Parnaiba

Area: Parnaiba
Companion: Elder Passarin

So im not sure what kind of format you want... so ill keep doing this until you tell me otherwise. Tudo bem? legal.
MON: Last mon... the norm. Email, develop photos, send letters, grocery shop, relax for an hour... not a whole lot else to do here!
TUES: We had District meeting in the morning, and i was asked to give a 10 min thought about teaching... So i was actually suprised that i could do that in a different language! wahoo i think its actually coming. So during the day, the heat and the sun and the language all got to me and i kind of had a headache for a while, but as you can tell, i pulled through.
WED: So we were walking to what i would guess is the richest house in our ward, in a neighborhood far from our house which i didnt know existed, and on our way found this surf store. So i wanted to check it out real fast, and it had surf boards, oakley glasses and t shirts, kite surfing and other stuff. And so all of this was imported from the united states and was super expensive. but i talked with them about snowboarding and wakeboarding because they dont have either here, but they knew both. he had a video of wakeboarding on though because his cousin sent it to him or something. anyway i got some stickers and other cool stuff so that was sweet. also on the way, i found a halfpipe in the middle of a 4 lane road, so that was cool two. pretty sure i attached a picture.. then lunch was lasagna and was really good at this nice house. while we were there i noticed they had an energy converter on the window, so i asked them about it, and they just gave it to me! so this was a good day. anyway later on i got a headache and my comp was mad again and it was crazy how up and down one day can be!
THURS: First thing that was a miracle is we got our fans fixed. All this time, me and my companion have been sharing a fan and ive been sweating all night, and everyone knows that we have two broken fans in the closet, except me. so when the president came a week ago, i asked about it and he was suprised we just didnt fix them. so anyway now i can sleep really good and even with my sheet! its awesome. also there are some things that happen each day that are just strange. like sometimes we´ll have drunk guys come up and grab my arm and talk to me and i cant tell if they are mad or happy and then they will put their head on your arm and what not.. its just strange. and today i had this girl that im pretty sure was under influence of something, but she came up and grab my arm. so you kinda get used to it and just keep walking. also a guy came walking up to us, and then i looked up and he was white. i dont know why, but seeing americans here is like golden for me! so his name is jason and he served here a few years back and what not so i talked with him and he was at church and what not on sunday too. he is from provo and was in brazil for work, so that was cool to talk to someone from utah.
FRI: We went to the Portas das barcas today, which just means port of the boats btw, and there was some of our investigators there giving school project presentations. this is some sort of health school or something. so there we saw our investigators and i also met another american that was in town... who is here seeing the family of his wife. funny story actually. i guess he served here and baptised her. came back after the mission and married her... but dont worrry about me cause that isnt going to happen. so i also felt like the portuguese was coming because i could talk to the americans pretty clearly in portuguese and they were nice and helping me, so it was good. i also found the picture of Dads name this night. i found ALAN written a few places which was cool so i took a picture.
SAT: So this morning i woke up just feeling bad. i think i must have eaten something bad the day before, but i just had an upset stomach and everything. So i drank some soda and got going for the day and it turned out alright. later that day, we taught a family of seventh day adventists and they were trying to convert us or something it was pretty fun.
SUN: So we had church as normal, and one interesting thing. at the end of the sacrament meeting, which is last, we have classes first, we wait for someone to stand up and then everyone else can stand up. i think it is only here in parnaiba becuase it is strange for my comp too haha. but whatever. and the building has a chapel with moveable benches, and some classrooms and i think 3 offices. so its not bad size. So we also went to one of our investigators houses and they were having a little party with friends and family. so they gave us some cake and this little girl just loved us. I told her i was american and she asked if she could hug me and thought that i knew justin beiber and stuff it was crazy.
so i will get to your questions in just a second. i need to send this email real fast to make sure everything gets through. it was fun to hear about halloween! they really dont celebrate anything here, so it was a normal day here in brazil for halloween..

1- I havent received the halloween or other packages yet. this because everything we receive, packages letters, etc. we dont get until we have a transfer or a conference with someone bringing us our things. I think its pretty dumb, but everything sits in the office until then. they dont forward our mail.

2- my shirts are fine! i dont need any more sent out, so dont worry about sending more.

3- i cant think of anything else i need, but i will let you know if i need anything.

4- i havent completely adjusted to everything yet, but the heat is definitely getting easier. when the american came last week, he was sweating a ton! and i wasnt sweating at all... so i hope im adjusting a little! and i can sleep at night... mostly becuase of the fan, but i notice im not sweating as much.

5- shoes are holding up.. i like my eccos a lot more then my mission shoes. i think i got mission shoes a size to big and should have got the deluxe. but both are holding up great!

6- parnaiba is one of the best areas as far as conveniences go. so we have a little washer and we hang our clothes up to dry.

7- my comp is hanging in there. he is so up and down. one second he loves me, the next he is really mad, wont walk on the same side of the street as me and what not.. im hangin in though!

ok to explain the first baptism real fast... felipe is the son of a less active mother. so we went to visit her and found him. she still doesnt go to church, but felipe goes everytime we have someone pick him up. he sits next to me in sacrament and colors. and he was confirmed this past sunday... everything is different here. but ya so we found him and he is 9yrs old and started teaching. we finished all the lessons in two weeks and he was baptized.

1) So i was the only american that left the same time as 6 brazilians from the ctm. there were a couple of americans a couple weeks before me and elder stewart a couple weeks after me. so there are quite a few... most everyone i meet is still in their first year, but there are a bunch past that now. my comp is 9 almost 10 months in the mission. and the other elder in our house leaves after this transfer.

2) so there are 4 missionaries in my house. there are 4 americans in another house together, and 2 missionaries living alone and i dont know where. all are within a 30-40 min walk... so ive only been there once when i arrived and we went there today to drop off my bag to take to elder blackham.

3) my house is like less than a block from the church. its super close and about a 30 second walk. the number is 1201 i beleive and it is on the road or Rua: correia de morais or something like that. same street as the church.

4) i have no idea what direction from the church, but i think we are south... from the map i have... which doesnt have a compass.

5) i think i talked about the church in the letter... its a chapel, with a hallway and classrooms and a couple offices.
oh and one last thing. that picture of the truck with the speaker in the back. how i was saying, tons of cars have massive speakers! thought i´d take a pic and show Mason when we get back that he needs to make some improvements ;)

(*Alan asked Tanner a question about investigators and how the area was)
so when i got here we had no investigators, it was like a fresh start. so we just talk to random people sitting out front of there house and start teaching. some of them have talked to missionaries before, but a lot havent. and we talk to maybe 3 people that my comp talked to before, but hardly anyone. the big problem right now with people is going to church. they really dont have a way to travel, so we even have a couple vans that pick people up and bring them to church... so people just dont go to church! or we would have a lot of baptisms because they say they know its true, they are just to lazy to go to church.

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